A piper called Isaac Ogg became the first Pipe Major when he founded Kintore Pipe band and received wisdom had led us to believe this happened in 1921. However whilst carrying out research for this new website, we turned up an interesting article which show that the band was actually founded Pre. 1921 in addition we have a photograph of the band dated 1916 at the height of the Great War. Further research may give us a definite date that Isaac founded the band.

Family links are strong within the band, Isaac Ogg the founding pipe major 1921-1926 was succeeded 21 years later by his Grandson Pipe Major  D.O. Fraser and his Granddaughter Elaine Fraser was a piper in the 1990’s so we have quite a good family tree forming.


As with most bands pre 1960 there were no women in the band. There were various women-only bands until the late 60’s when some of the top women players began demanding to join outstanding Grade 1 bands like Bucksburn and District.


In less enlightened times, there was some resistance from the men in the band, but eventually the switch was made. The downside was that the women–only bands eventually disappeared from the scene altogether.


Kintore welcomed the first woman into the band in the late 60s and it did cause controversy with some members. There is no doubt the standard of our band has been enhanced by having the best players available, regardless of gender and it seems strange to even think at one time there was dissent at all.


With Thanks to Band Secretary Rosie Youngson for all the information, pictures to make this web site complete.