Band Members

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Pipe Majors
 1921 - 1926 Isaac Ogg (founder)
 1926 - 1936 L. Henderson
 1936 - 1946 C. Duncan
 1946 - 1947 A.A. Ross
 1947 - 1964 D.O.Fraser (Isaac Ogg's grandson)
 1964 - 1972 Sandy Craig
 1972 - 1979 Jim Coutts (Band president since 1989)
 1979 - 1981 Billy Donald 
 1981 - 1986 Jim Coutts (2nd term) 
 1986 - 1987 Bob Smart 
 1987 - 1989  Billy Donald (2nd term)
 1989 - 1993 Andy Smith
 1993 - 2002 Jack Fullerton
 2002 - 2011 Jim Leith
 2011 - present  Bruce Lobban

To date the band has had 15 Pipe Majors, our thanks to them all for their invaluable contribution in keeping it going over its lifetime, which included two world wars. The Pipe Major’s role is a very difficult one to fill, to be a successful Pipe Major you have to have a variety of skills including people management, teacher, and sometime even a father figure; it also helps if you can play the pipes! The Pipe Major’s role should not be underestimated; they deserve all the credits they receive from the band.


Well done to Jim Coutts, Jack Fullerton, and Jim Leith who are still in the band today. We salute the huge contribution you have made to Kintore Pipe Band.  

Lead Drummers 
1947 - 1948 J Lorimer
1949 - 1952 A Dossett
1953 - 1953 R Stevenson
1954 - 1955 J Gilbert
1956 - 1958 A Dossett
1959 - 1962 A Fraser
1963 - 1964 R Morrison
1965 - 1969 G Forsyth
1970 - present Eric Tosh
Lead Drummer Eric Tosh has been with the band for 42 years;  and held that role during his time in the band ,Eric was part of the Grade 1 drum core that won the Scottish Championship in the late 50s which included other great drummer’s of that era,  Johnny Sutherland, Eric  Willox, Andy Fraser,  KPB is extremely fortunate to have someone of his ability playing with the band, his knowledge of pipe tunes and piping is unbelievable for a Drummer, maybe he missed his vocation, he could have been a great Piper. The band would like to thank Eric for all his efforts over the years and hopefully for many years to come.